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Complete Mole Eradication Services

Helping You Wipe Out All the Moles in Your Lawn

Are the moles in your backyard ruining your landscape? Don't worry! Turn to the professionals at Suburban Wildlife Control Inc. to get rid of them completely.  We've been serving the Twin Cities since 2000.
Dead mole

Let Us Exterminate Those Pesky Pests for You

When you choose us to exterminate the moles, we make sure to survey your property for fresh activity and carefully lay covered mole traps to protect your children and pets. We guarantee that if another mole gets into your yard within one month of our on-site extermination, we'll waive the inspection and setup fees, charging only for the per animal trapping fee.

Mole mounds

Mole mounds and tunnels

Mole tunnels

Call us for FREE estimates on our mole removal services.
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Looking for professionals to eradicate all the moles in your backyard? Contact us!
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